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Star Bright Centerpiece

Star Bright Centerpiece

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Bring star power to the table this year with a lush holiday centerpiece cradling a ruby red glass hurricane lamp decorated with a shooting star. Light the candle of this Christmas centerpiece and watch your guests' eyes light up. This year, next year, and for many holidays to come.


3 each roses, 40cm, red
4 each carnations, red
3 stems carnations, miniature, red
2 stems chrysanthemums, button spray, white
3 tips holly, variegated
1 branch white pine
2 tips noble fir
1 stem flat cedar
1/2 block floral foam
1 set star bright AP (10 25mm ornament & 9 ribbon picks), red, teleflora, 11X300AP
1 star bright hurricane, 11X300, (8" h x 33/8" w x 2½" opening)

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