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Luxurious Indulgence Basket

Luxurious Indulgence Basket

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If we had to sum up this luxurious basket in one word, there's no question the word is WOW! Every kind of luxurious chocolate, including chocolate-covered strawberries and chocolate covered almonds. Of course no adult indulgence would be complete without some gourmet coffee to go along with it, so we've included that too, just for good measure!


1 each gourmet chocolate bar, 3.5 oz.
1 box cookies, 6.5 oz.
1 each chocolate square, 1.3oz.
1 each chocolate bar, 2.25 oz.
1 bag milk chocolate strawberries, 2 oz.
1 bag chocolate squares, 5.32 oz.
1 bag chocolate almonds, 2 oz.
1 bag coffee, 10 oz.
2 each chocolates, 1.5oz.
1 cup coffee beans
1 yard #9 single-face satin ribbon, novelty, red, offray
1 each 10" square wooden box, black, local wholesaler

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