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Holly Days Centerpiece

Holly Days Centerpiece

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Serve up some holiday cheer with this festive ceramic serving bowl, brimming with beautiful holiday flowers! Crème roses, red carnations and festive holiday greens are a joyous celebration of this most special season.


3 each roses, 40cm, crème
2 stems carnations, miniature, red
2 stems chrysanthemums, cushion spray, white
1/4 stem flat cedar
1/4 branch noble fir
2/3 branch white pine
1/4 stem magnolia leaves
1/2 block floral foam
1 set holly days AP (two 12" dark red candles, two natural pinecone picks and four red berry picks), teleflora, 14X100AP
1 holly days bowl and buddy valastro's christmas recipe book, 14X100, (4 1/2" h x 8" w x 6 1/4" d; 6" x 5" opening )

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