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Eternal Bloom Wreath

Eternal Bloom Wreath

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Our Eternal Bloom Wreath is a symphony of nature’s finest flowers, meticulously arranged to create a display of unforgettable beauty. Each bloom is hand-selected to ensure only the freshest flowers are used, offering comfort and warmth with their radiant splendor. This wreath is not just an arrangement but a testament to the enduring beauty of love and remembrance.

  • The wreath is abundant with various types of flowers including pink roses, white blossoms, and purple florals creating a vibrant mix of colors.
  • Green leaves are interspersed throughout the arrangement adding contrast and depth.
  • The floral arrangement forms an almost complete circle, symbolizing eternity.
  • Above the wreath on the wall, there’s golden text reading “DAYS FLOWERS” accompanied by an illustration of a flying bird.

DAYS FLOWERS – where memories blossom and emotions flourish. 🌸✨


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