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Classic Cornucopia

Classic Cornucopia

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Along with joy, this cornucopia carries an abundance of beautiful fall flowers and foliage. A stunning centerpiece or inviting entryway display, this beauty will be at home anywhere in the house.


3 each roses, 50cm, light orange
2 each sunflowers, medium, yellow
1 stem eryngium, blue
2 stems chrysanthemums, daisy spray, red
2 stems chrysanthemums, cushion spray, gold
1 stem parvifolia eucalyptus
1/4 stem magnolia leaves
3/4 block floral foam
7 each wheat, natural, local wholesaler
4 each 8" cinnamon sticks, knud nielsen
1 each small liner, local wholesaler
1 each 10" cornucopia, local wholesaler, (10" w)

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