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Boo-tiful Bats

Boo-tiful Bats

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Bats off to you for showing your Halloween spirit. With flowers, bats and a glowing full moon, this arrangement is a scream!


4 each gerberas, orange
1 stem chrysanthemums, button spray, yellow
1 stem chrysanthemums, cushion spray, red
1/4 branch birch
1 tip curly willow
1/4 stem salal
1/3 block floral foam
1 stem preserved oak leaves, rust, knud nielsen
1/2 stem silk holly leaves, local wholesaler
1 oz. spray paint, black
1/8 sheet, craft foam, yellow
1 each cube, black, 05N450, (4¾" h x 4" w; 3½" opening)

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