Why gift flowers to the elderly?

Why gift flowers to the elderly?

Flowers are a beautiful and thoughtful gift for anyone, but they can be especially meaningful for elderly people😌

Here are a few reasons why:

⚪ Older adults need activities that help them to continue working on their concentration, stimulating the mind and brain, which is of utmost importance to maintain daily or episodic memory.

⚪ Taking care of plants and flowers also helps to improve attention, the simple fact of seeing them, smelling them or taking care of them will be of great contribution to the health of the person in charge of them.

⚪ Having nature at home helps to generate empowerment and raise self-esteem. All this because they clean the air and the environment, which brings calm and tranquility to the soul.

⚪ It is also proven that plants and flowers help to improve the mood of people, but mainly of the elderly.

To sum up If you are looking for a thoughtful and meaningful gift for an elderly person, consider giving them a bouquet of flowers. They will appreciate the gesture and the boost of happiness that it brings🤗
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